OG Kush Seeds Feminized

OG Kush Seeds


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OG Kush Seeds


Feminized Marijuana Seeds

5% Sativa – 95% Indica

THC Level  17-19%

Medical CBD – Low

Height – 25-100 cm

Yield – 450 Grams per square meter

55 Day Flowering Cycle

Best For: Indoor, Outdoor, Beginner

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OG Kush Seeds

Known all around the world for its unique taste and aroma OG Kush seeds produce some of the finest marijuana buds. With an aroma similar to sweet pine and sour lemon, it’s a firm favourite from the USA Medical Marijuana dispensaries to the Amsterdam Coffee-shops. Although a member of the Kush family, OG Kush was originally created using a clone from the infamous ‘Chemdawg’ and is one of the most awarded marijuana strains due to it’s potency, many subsequent Marijuana seeds have used OG Kush genetics to enhance flowering times, taste and potency levels.

It’s genetics are almost purely Indica, 95% with only 5% Sativa marijuana genes, this keeps the plant short and compact, growing between 25 cm to 100 cm tall. This makes it a perfect choice for both indoor growers and outdoor growers who may want discreet sized plants, with an average yield of 450 grams per square meter in just 55 days of flowering.

Dense, lime green buds are covered in crystals and loaded with between 17% – 19% THC. The unique flavor and aromatic smoke produce an energizing, yet relaxing high, perfect for enjoying both day and night.

OG Kush seeds are grown for both their recreational high, as well as their medical properties. A favorite strain that can provide natural stress and pain relief, as well as reducing anxiety, as well as reducing nausea and the symptoms of depression.

OG Kush seeds are feminized, so all the seeds produce female only plants. Find more Feminized Marijuana Seeds

The disputed area acknowledged as the Hindu Kush shares its boundaries with Pakistan and Growing OG Kush SeedsAfghanistan just north of Indian-managed Jammu and Kashmir. The region has been recognized for its ongoing conflicts as well as its historical past of cannabis production. Some areas of the legendary Himalayas mountain range, the fertile valleys and hillsides of the Hindu Kush have, for centuries, created the world’s greatest hash. Many years of all-natural and human intervention for the most resinous, indica-dominant strains have resulted in squat, stocky bushes covered with large, shiny trichomes.

In the 1960s and early 1970s, intrepid travellers on the €œHippie Trail€ (which includes associates of the Brotherhood of Eternal Love) returned to the US, Canada and Europe with primo seeds and commenced growing Afghani, Skunk and Kush strains in earnest. Regrettably, in 1973, bowing to pressure from the United States, the recently self-appointed president of Afghanistan, who took over in a bloodless coup against the lengthy-serving and hashish-friendly Afghan king, declared the manufacturing and sale of hashish unlawful. He was overthrown by Afghan Communists in 1978, and the place was invaded by the Soviets in 1979, sparking yet another thirty odd years of warfare and bloodshed that carry on to this working day.

The Afghani cannabis of the pre-war era stays famous between more mature heads, and the strains that it spawned transformed the hashish growing scene totally. The indica-dominant genetics shortened common flowering times, making it possible for marijuana plants to be grown all the way up to Alaska. In the process, the principle of €œhome-grown changed from a term of derision to a position of pleasure.

Numerous OG Kush types have received prizes for their breeders at the annual pot-tasting festival in Amsterdam every single November. From the original Skunks of the nineteen eighties to the Kushage, Vanilla and Kaia Kush of the present period, the strains potency and taste are simple. Even though Haze varieties dominate the sativa classification in the seed-bank contest, Kushes usually prevail among the indicas. Kush strains have also supplied the genetic basis for numerous perennial winners that really do not have the word €œKush€ in their names, such as White Widow, Sensi Star and AK 47.

Breeders know that one of the very best techniques to wow discerning judges is to use genetics laden with Afghani heritage. Long prized for its medicinal qualities, this is the bud recognized for its couch-lock effect,€“ a perfect strain for an enjoyable nightcap, but also one capable of shifting all your strategies when puffed at mid-working day. The intense citrus taste, skunky odor and really long-lasting stone are not shortly forgotten.

OG Kush seeds and the High Times Cannabis Cup have a lengthy and storied heritage €“ 1 that is guaranteed to keep on for many years to come. Future Cups are certain to be won by plants bearing these illustrious genetics, and a lot of the very best hashish in Holland continues to be created from these strains as well|also}. Plus the hundreds of years-long Afghan custom of separating the trichomes from Kush plants to press into bricks of tasty hash has persisted into the twenty first century around the world.

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