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Growing OG Kush Seeds in a Sea Of Green


Growing OG Kush Seeds in a Sea of Green system is the art of harvesting lots of smaller Kush plants, matured early to achieve the fastest production of Marijuana buds available. Instead of growing a few larger plants over a longer period of time, it is possible to place many smaller plants in the same area that are grown and mature faster, and in less time. Thus, less time is required between crops.

This can be important to you if you desire a constant supply of fresh OG Kush Marijuana buds each month. One crop can be started while another is maturing, forming a continuous harvest, all year round that can easily be maintained. 4 Sour Diesel plants per square foot will be a good start for seedlings. 1 plant per square foot will allow plenty of room for each plant to grow a large top cola, but will not allow for much bottom branching. This is OK since indoors, these bottom branches are always shaded anyway, and will not grow very well unless given additional light and space.

The indoor OG Kush Seeds grower quickly realizes that plants that are too tall do not produce enough at the bottom to make the extra growing time taken worth while. An exception to this rule would be if you intend for the plants are to go outside at some point, and it is expected that light issues to the lower branches will not be a concern

Your Marijuana plants, if all started at the same time, should create what is called a “green canopy” that traps most of the light at the top level of the plants. Very little light will penetrate below this level, as the Marijuana plants are so close together. The gardener is attempting to concentrate on the top of the plant, and use the light and space to the best advantage, in as little time as possible. Use of nylon poultry fence or similar trellising laid out over the green canopy will support the plants as they start to droop under the weight of heavy fruiting tops. Stakes can be used too, but are not as easy to install in the middle and back of the room, where reaching the plants can be more difficult.

Often OG Kush gardeners want big plants, since they will produce more high quality Marijuana per plant, but it is always better when dealing with limited space, to grow smaller plants that mature faster and pack them tightly into smaller spaces. The Sea of Green technique was developed in Holland. Instead of fitting 4 large plants in that small room, fit 12 small ones on a shelf above 12 other small plants. These plants take only 3-4 months to mature from germination to ripe buds, and harvesting takes place constantly, since there is both a vegetative and flowering area devoted to each, with harvests every 45-60 days.

It is not the size of the plant, but the maturity and quality of the product that counts, twice as many Marijuana plants grown half as big will fill the grow space twice as fast, so harvests take place almost twice as often. Get good at picking early flowering plants, and propagate only those that are of the best quality.

For flowering indoors, 1 plant per sq. ft. is a good rule of thumb for Sea of Green systems. If less plants are grown in this size space, it will take them longer to fill the space, thus more electricity and time will be used to create the same amount of product. If more than one OG Kush Marijuana plant is attempted, the grower will soon find that plants this crowded tend to be more stem than bud, and the total harvest will be reduced.

It is good to avoid “topping” your plants if you want them to grow as fast as possible. It is better just to grow 2 or 4 times more plants, since they will produce more, faster, in the same space. Also, “training” plants with twist-ties is a great way to get them to bush out more and keep the branches closer together. Just take any type of plastic or paper twist tie and wrap it around the top of the plant, then pull it over until the top is bent over 90-180 degrees and then attach this to the main stem lower on the plant. Do this for one week and then release the plant from it is bond.

Your OG Kush Seeds can be trained in this fashion to take less vertical space and to grow bushier, to fill the grow space and force lower limbs to grow upward and join the green canopy. This technique takes advantage of the fact that if the top is pulled over, it creates a hormonal condition in the Marijuana  plant that makes it bush out at all lower lower branches.


Sea Of Green is a great way to maximize production when growing OG Kush Seeds, learn more tips below.


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