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Constant OG Kush Harvests


One of the best solutions to save energy costs, while maintaining a constant, regular supply from your OG Kush Seeds is to use outdoor light for flowering and use continuous light indoors for germinating and growing OG Kush Seeds ready for later planting in the outdoor Marijuana garden. This takes advantage of the natural light and darkness cycles that nature provides, and reduces your energy costs by approximately half, when compared to the same indoor Marijuana garden. A small greenhouse can be built from fiberglass or PVC sheets and looks much like a storage shed or tool shed, so it is not likely to raise suspicions.

In fact, a large shed of any metal or plywood design can be modified with a luminous roof of PVC, glass, fiberglass or plastic sheet, and Marijuana strains that do not require a great deal of light will grow quite well. Such a shed will discourage fly-by sightings and keep your Marijuana garden private. It also allows you to keep out rats and gophers, keeps out the neighbor kids, and can be easily locked up. It will also give you an opportunity to actually plant in the ground if you desire, and this is the best way to avoid root-bound plants (if your not using hydroponics), and get bigger harvests.

In winter, indoor space is used to start your new OG Kush Seeds ready to be placed outside in the spring, using the natural sunlight to ripen your Sour Diesel plants. This routine will provide at least 3 outdoor or greenhouse harvests of premium quality OG Kush Marijuana every year.

The basic strategy of year round production is to understand the plant has two growth cycles. At germination the OG Kush Seeds enter into a vegetative state and will be able to use all the continuous light you can give it. This means there is no dark cycle required. The small Marijuana plants will photosynthesis constantly and grow faster than it would if started outdoors with long evenings. Photosynthesis stops during dark periods and the plant uses sugars stored in the leaves to build flowers and buds during the dark hours. At this stage, darkness is not required and the plant will grow faster if given continuous light.

Once your germinated OG Kush Seeds are between 12-18 inches tall, it can be forced to begin flowering by placing it outside in the Spring or Fall. For Summer outdoor flowering, the night must be artificially lengthened in the greenhouse to “force” the plants to flower.

Moving the plants into a twelve hour light cycle, such as moving it outside, with uninterrupted darkness, or at least no bright lights close-by, will force the Marijuana plant to begin flowering. It will slowly mature over the next 2-3 months, at which time it will be ready to harvest. When a Sour Diesel Marijuana plant is moved from continuous indoor light to a 12 hour day outside, it will start to flower in anticipation of oncoming winter. Growing OG Kush Seeds moved outside in March will be mature and ready for harvesting by May. Likewise young Kush plants moved outside at the beginning of May, will mature in earyl July. Any subsequent OG Kush Seeds moved outside at the beginning of September are picked by Nov. 1st, but will be of a reduced size and yield. In Winter, operations are moved indoors and more OG Kush Seeds are planted for outdoors the next summer, or just for some extra winter quality Marijuana buds.


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Growing OG Kush Seeds Indoors

Growing OG Kush Seeds