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Temperature Effects On OG Kush Seeds


Achieving the proper temperature for growing OG Kush Seeds is a highly disputed factor. Most books state optimum grow temperature to be 70-80 degrees, but many list extenuating circumstances that allow temperatures to go higher.

Assuming genetics is not a factor, Marijuana plants appear to absorb greater amounts of light at higher temperatures, even up to 90 degrees. Higher light and CO2 levels could make this go as high as 95 degrees for optimum increased growth speed. An optimum of 95 degrees is new data that assumes very high light, CO2 enrichment of 1500 ppm and good regular venting to keep the humidity levels reduced.

It is not clear if these high temperatures reduce the overall potency of the finished and matured buds. It may be a good idea to reduce the temperature once flowering has started, to preserve potency, even if it does reduce growth speed. Higher temperatures will make your OG Kush Seeds grow vegetatively much faster, by exciting the plants metabolism, assuming the required levels of CO2 and light are available, and humidity is not allowed to rise too extreme levels.

With normal levels of CO2, in a well vented space, 90 degrees would seem to be the absolute maximum that Marijuana plants perform best at, while 85 may be closer to optimum, even with a great deal of light available. Do not let the room temperature get over 35 C (95 F) as this hurts growth. Optimal temperature is 27-30 C (80-86 F) if you have strong light with no CO2 enrichment. If you arte growing at temperatures less than 21 C (70 F) your growing area is too cold to achieve the very best growth for your OG Kush Seeds.

Low temperatures at night are OK down to about 60 degrees outdoors, below that it can begin to effect the growth of your Marijuana plants in a major way. Mid 50s will cause mild shock and 40s will kill your plants, if subjected to repeated exposure. Keep your plants warm, especially the roots. Elevate the pots if you think the ground is sucking the heat out of the roots. This may be an issue if you have a slab or other type of cold stone floor.

As the temperature rises, so does the air’s ability to hold water, thus reducing humidity, therefore a higher average temperature should help to reduce the risk of fungus attacks.

Contrary to many reports, high humidity is not good for your OG Kush plants, except during germination and rooting. Lower humidity levels help the plants to transpire CO2 and reduce the risk of molds during flowering.

Studies indicate the potency of the buds from OG Kush plants reduce as the temperature goes up, so it is important to keep the plants from getting too hot during the flowering cycle.


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